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Good health is no longer a choice but a must for survival. It is also an imperative to with stand our existing health care system plagued with a number of troubles and hazards. With some negative information about the financial status of our Country’s economy many of us have become seriously concerned about the reliability of private health care sponsored programs and the entire future of health care in India.

Fortunately for those who have committed to self-managed natural health have recognized the need for taking steps to attain optimum well being and move towards nontoxic and cost-effective natural alternatives to ensure quantity and quality of our Life. Though we cannot control the aging process, we can slow it down.

We are a treatment-oriented society. Why should we wait for people to fall sick? We seek the services of caretakers by paying them unnecessarily Why should we depend upon others for getting attention ?; Instead we can take measures to prevent loss of health. On these lines the magazine is growing enormously, month after month.

The circulation as of December 2014 is 26, 800 copies and is increasing on daily basis, rather than to say month after month.

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