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Unavu Nalam is also proud that its contributors are a team of Professionals and committed individuals, who are the icons in nutrition, complementary and Alternative Medical fields.

The Editor
The Editor and Publisher of the Magazine Unavu Nalam is Ayurvedam Dr. S. Senthil Kumar.

Dr. S. Senthil Kumar, Bsc., DNM., MD(AM)., is a nice person interested in Health, Herbs and Nature. Being much interested in plants he opted to study Botany elaborately in the year 1981. Having completed his basic degree in Botany he decided to read more on Natural Medicines and Naturopathy. Then he underwent, training programs in Ayurvedic Medicine and Practice in the year 1986. Then he pursued his studies and completed a Diploma in Natural Medicine in the year 1987 and also completed a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine.

Since 1984, he is engaged in the Healthcare industry, from manufacture of Allopathic Medicines to Clinical Practice in Ayurveda. He is well versed in the Health care practices and Natural Alternative Medicines and is also the Editor and Publisher of one other magazine named Ayurvedam Today which is more committed to Medicines.

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