About Us

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Unavu Nalam, stands out as an unique Health Magazine in Tamil, which is dedicated to Physical, Mental and Emotional Health. Unavu Nalam focuses on Health, Fitness, Well being, Beauty, Exercise, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation and much more. It is a mine of information on how to maintain a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. It guides men and women of the present day, to maintain optimum health and to potentiate their immune systems. With its wide circulation among the Tamil community, the magazine Unavu Nalam, has its own place in the market appealing all health – conscious men and women greatly.

The Mission

The mission of Unavu Nalam is to inculcate Health awareness among the people of all ages, about managing one’s own health without relying much on doctor’s advice for day to day small ailments. In order to achieve this, Unavu Nalam, provides the necessary info and resources to establish and maintain good health using Natural systems and methods.

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